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'Give Me Your Love'

Written by Lauren Kelly, this song invites us into the thoughts of a woman who is tired of meaningless dating and wants the man of her dreams to step up and give her his love.

Music & lyrics by Lauren Kelly

Vocals - Lauren Kelly
Keys - Lauren Kelly
Drums - Robert Wright
Mixed & mastered by Andy Anderson & Martin Johnston
Recorded at Main St. Studios in Coatbridge

Copyright @ 2021, Main St. Records. All rights reserved.

'Can't Wake Up (demo)'

Lauren's latest release, 'Can't Wake Up (demo)', takes us through the journey of someone who has been abandoned by their loved one and the stages of grief.

Music & lyrics by Lauren Kelly

Vocals - Lauren Kelly
Lead & Rhythm Guitar - Rhys Walker
Bass Guitar - Rhys Walker
Drums - Ryan Fyffe
Mixed & mastered by Daniel Bell & Jorge Connor
Recorded at New College Lanarkshire - Cumbernauld Recording Studios

Copyright @ 2023, Lauren Kelly. All rights reserved.




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